Parent Satisfaction Surveys

As the school received an OFSTED inspection in December 2016 and a Parent View survey was completed the school did not conduct another Parent Satisfaction survey.  However please find below the results of Parent View.  A further Parent Satisfaction survey will take place later in the year.
Thank you to those parents who completed our parent survey sent out in March 2016.  Below are some statistics from the responses. We would also like to thank parents who took the time to write commments on the questionnaire as this level of feedback will enable us to improve our school further. Many positive comments were made about our staff and how much our children enjoy coming to school, which was lovely to read and has been shared with staff members. One common theme for improvement was linked to communication, which we accept isn't always as good as it could be. We are therefore prioritising this as an area for development. Some of the comments are posted below, as well as the actions we have already taken to try and improve this area.
Parent Comments
"I would prefer a communication system that was electronic."
"Would like more notice of events in school.  A few days notice makes it tricky to attend events when working."
"Sometimes too short notice (due to work commitments)"
Actions taken to date:
  • Letters and important notices now sent out electronically;
  • Key Dates for the summer term given many weeks in advance;
  • Investment in online software such as Tapestry and Marvellous Me to showcase learning and achievement in school so that it can be shared and celebrated at home;
  • Increased numbers of parent information meetings;
  • More up to date website with key information;
  • Progress and achievement information provided at last parent's evening.

Still to come.....

  • Parent/Carer meetings for all year groups before September, so that new staff can be introduced;
  • Key Dates provided for the academic year in the Autumn term;
  • Continuing to invest in electronic methods of communicating across school.